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Mechanical Services in Kingston

Universal Mechanical & Construction Services is a Kingston-based Prime Mechanical Contracting Company, operating throughout Eastern Ontario. The Company began as a Partnership in 2003, and was incorporated in 2005 after enjoying strong success in its early years, which continues to this day.

The Owner is Gerry Sutton, who oversees the day to day operations of the Company, and has propelled the growth of Universal Mechanical into one of the larger local Mechanical Contractors.

In addition to the Owner, Universal Mechanical employs a small office staff, shop staff, project managers, and a number of qualified trades people, hired primarily through UA Local 401 here in Kingston, ON.

Our reputation of quality and prompt service in the Kingston area speaks for itself, and results in word of mouth business for us on a routine basis. We provide a wide range of Mechanical services, which includes all piping, plumbing, heating and millwrighting/heavy industrial. As a Prime Mechanical Contractor, we routinely subcontract services for our customers including HVAC, Pipe & Duct Insulation, Controls/Automated Systems, Sprinklers, and Electrical as needed. Our customers are wide-ranging, from Residential and Small Commercial to Industrial, Large Commercial and Institutional. We have recently completed or currently have large projects underway, at Queen's University, RMC, CFB Kingston, CFB Trenton, Hotel Dieu Hospital and KGH to name a few.

Universal Mechanical has worked 350,000 man hours without any loss time injuries. We pride ourselves on our working safe commitment and would like to extend our thanks to Bill Godkin at CE Safety for all his hard work over the last 12 years. Thanks Bill!

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