WaterGUARD Services

When the municipal water supply enters your facility it becomes the owner’s or his agent’s responsibility to ensure that the quality of the water is in no way compromised by way of connection to “boilers, sprinkler systems, process equipment, cooling water, etc.” WaterGUARD is fully certified to conduct “cross connection” audits and will supply you with a comprehensive report detailing identified code(s) contraventions and cost effective solutions.

Although identifying potential cross connections problems is essential, inspection and testing of new and existing “BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICES” is absolutely critical and is demanded by CSA/B64.10, the Ontario Plumbing Code, Ontario Building Code Part #7/ October 1998, A.W.W.A. and O.B.P.A.

WaterGUARD supplies you with trained and accredited technicians to test all types of backflow preventers. As part of your “Testing Package” you will receive a copy of the test data report (a copy will also be filed with the municipal plumbing inspector), a test tag affixed to the device complete with expiry date and entry into database for automatic notification on retest anniversary.


The Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Specialists


WaterGUARD supplies you with the products required to cost effectively meet all your Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control needs.


WaterGUARD is equipped to test and maintain Commercial, Residential, Institutional, and Industrial systems.


Backflow: the reverse flow of a liquid into the potable water supply. The installation of a backflow preventer protects the water supply from contamination from this very serious condition.